Vietnam culinary discovery - Delicious foods in Muine

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Mui Ne (Phan Thiet) attracts tourists not only by beautiful dream-like sand dunes and beaches but also by famous delicious dishes that you should defenitely try when visiting this place.

1. Dong 

Mui Ne is known for Dong meat which is chewy, sweet, fragrant and firm. It can be processed into 7 dishes including grilled, roasted, steamed, fried Dong, salad, soup of Dong and Dong cooked with young watermelon. Dong meat is as white as chicken meat but firmer, soft and sweet.
However, Dong is often grilled as a whole, so you need some courage to enjoy. Today, Phan Thiet has many farms of Dong and it’s easy to enjoy this dish.

2. Mai fish salad

Mai fish is usually chosen to regale guests. Mai fish is thumb size, slipery and thin. It looks a bit like anchovy but not squamous. Its meat is sweet and virtually no fishy.
This kind of fish is almost exclusively used for processing the famous salad. Fish has to be fresh, just catch from the sea. It takes the most time on removing bones of each one and drying all with blotting-paper.
Mai fish salad is sour, spicy, sweet, served with raw vegetables, rice paper and chili lemon sauce.

3. Cake Monster (a kind of pork and shrimp dumplings)

At first, it looks like “Banh bot loc” - the famous dumpling in Hue, but it is smaller and its outside is more opaque. It is also stuffed with cooked pork and shrimp.
Banh Quai Vat is served with spicy sweet and sour sauce, fried onion and cracklings. This dish appears in Phan Thiet for a really long time ago and most of visitors are anxiously looking for ways to enjoy this special dish.

4. Rice paper with small shrimp sauce

This dish is extremely popular among locals in Phan Thiet city. It is attractive because of its ingredients, including shrimp sauce, its taste and recipe.
This dish is made from rice paper, eggs, boiled quail eggs, sour mango, cucumber, cilantro, some other spices and indispensable small shrimp sauce. The blend of these ingredients with small shrimp sauce make this dish always compelling to diners.

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