Top 10 Amazing and Weird Things About Singapore

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We don’t realise some of the unconventional facts of this island. And while some of them are passed on from generations of word-to-word communication, the others have been staring straight at us.

How many of these weird facts did you know about Singapore?

1. Anthem Assortment

Singapore’s national anthem, ‘Majulah Singapura’ is in Malay, even though the official working language of the country is English!

2. Nocturnal Zoo

Introducing the world to the first night zoo, the Night Safari is one of the many prides of Singapore. A home to plenty of nocturnal animals, this safari can be experienced by taking a simple and safe tram ride.

3. Flying Visitors

Singapore is a part of the East Asian Flyway, where thousand of migratory birds stopover. The birds can fly for kilometers together, however, the wetlands of the Lion City serve as a welcoming, seasonal landing ground.

4. Forest Blanket

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is a 400 acre rainforest hugging Singapore’s highest peak, Bukit Timah at 163 meters. The species of trees in this forest is said to be larger than the entire continent of North America.

5. Water Wonder

The highest artificial waterfall in the world is in Jurong Bird Park here. It is at a height of 30 meters and has been designed to give a complete ambience of rainforest in this giant bird park. The view is quite spectacular!

6. Birth Favourites

Looks like October is Singapore’s favourite month. A larger percentage of people celebrate their birthdays in this month. Happy October everyone!

7. Kilometer Power

With only 50 kilometers in width (running east to west), the little red dot has 3,356 kilometers stretch of road in its totality. If this entire length is joined end-to-end, it is believed to cover the distance from Singapore to Hong Kong!

8. Equator Heat

The lowest temperature recorded in Singapore was 18 degrees Celsius, in January 1934. The island gets its hot climes owing to the close proximity to the equator, which is only 142 kilometers away.

9. Chew Laws

Living in Singapore may be convenient but chewing gum will make things tough. It is illegal to import and sell chewing gum on the island. However if you manage to get some gum and spit it in public, you risked being fined heavily!

10. Crab Food

Madam Cher Yam Tian introduced the world to the tastiest and the first chilli crab in 1950. Now, Singapore stands as a popular connoisseur of dish, which attracts travelers and foodies from world-over.