The Top Best Experience of traveling to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet

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Mui Ne, Phan Thiet is famous for not only the white sand, fresh water and the tall coconut trees but also the delicious cuisines of this area.

1. The suitable time of visiting Mui Ne 

Mui Ne has hot weather around the year, so that tourists can come here anytime. However, tourists shouldn’t come in the July and August because the water is quite muddy in the coral season, they should come to Mui Ne from the August to December. 

2. The way to travel to Mui Ne 

+ From Ha Noi, there aren’t any beeline to Mui Ne, so that tourists can fly to Saigon then catch the car to travel to Mui Ne. Or tourists can fly to Cam Ranh airport (Nha Trang) then come to Phan Thiet by the Open Tour coach from Nha Trang to Mui Ne. 

+ From Saigon, there are many Open Bus coach to Mui Ne or tourists can travel by train from Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet, then catch the bus or motorcycle taxi, taxi to reach Mui Ne 

Tourists can choose the motorcycles in resorts or travel by taxi with their group. 

3. The hotels, Motels in Mui Ne

According to the experience, tourists usually choose the tent sleeping service or hiring hotels, motels. Nowaday, online booking has many promotion, especially Agoda, which is the reputable web and has 30% discount, even 52% discount

+ The tent sleeping service is suitable for the one who loves risky, discovering and saving money. Before hiring they should ask about the security. Tourists had better hire tent at the Hon Rom 1 Area and KE Ga Area, here are some addresses for you: 

- Thuy Trang Resort: 0623.849.196
- Hon Rom 2 Resort: 0623.848.828
- Hon Rom 1 Resort: 0623.848.539 or 0918.186.047

4. Hiring hotels:

The senior hotels in Mui Ne have outdoor swimming pool, water sport, sunbathing chair, restaurants, bar with the price from 600,000 VND. Here are some hotels that tourists should choose: 

1. Sunrise Village Mui Ne Hotel: 316 – 318/12 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien. With the cheap price about $12 - $15/night. The hotel is fully basic furnished with TV, fridge, especially it also serves outdoor swimming pool. 

2. Sunshine Beach Resort: 82 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien Ward. The price is about $30 - $35 with some services: gym, spa, massage, swimming pool, garden and private beach.

3. Muong Thanh Mui Ne Hotel: 54 Huynh Thuc Khang, this hotel is very beautiful, convenient, which serves: large swimming pool, coffee, bar, massage, water sport, garden, karaoke with the discount of $50. 

4. Sea Links Beach Resort & Golf: Km9, Nguyen Thong Street, Phu Hai Ward. This great hotel serves: Billard, Swimming pool, private beach, golf course on site, massage. Gym, boat, garden, water sport with the reasonable price of $75 

5.Anantara Mui Ne Resort: 12A Nguyen Dinh Chieu, the hotel have fully services and comforts with delicious food, large private beach. The lowest price is about $120


5. Some destinations in Mui Ne 

Mui Ne Area

Swimming: Mui Ne is famous for the clean and beautiful beaches such as

Hon Rom Beach: This beach attracts many tourists with its landscape, stones with many shape. Especial, in the rainy season, all the mountain is covered by the green color of natural and the yellow grass in the dry season. From faraway, The Hon Rom looks like the huge mounds of straw. 

Tien Stream: This area is a beautiful place with the small ravine next to the Hon Rom and the beautiful sand valley. Especially,there are the natural red and white stalactite hill with many interesting shape. 

Yelow sanddune: Tourists can admire the Great iron mine with the yellow color of the sanddune. The color of the sand always change because of the erosion of the wind. This is the special symbol of Mui Ne 

Mui Ne Rock: There are many rocky headlands stretching to the beach, which creates the beautiful landscape with the long sanddune. On the top of the dune there are the Ba Vquang Temple and Thach Long Temple.


6. The areas around Mui Ne 

Away from the Hon Rom Beach about 18km is the Bau Trang and Bau Sen natural fresh lake. Bau Trang is famous for the lotus lake in the center of Sanddune while Bau Sen is the lake that is surrounded by the beautiful sand caves. 

The Thap Cham is located on the Ba Nai Hill, which is away from the Phan Thiet City about 7km, it’s one of the relics of Cham Pa Kingdom, coming to this place, tourists can admire the maestro and mystery of this tower. 

Poshanư Thap Cham

7. The Phan Thiet City Area 

The Ho Chi Minh Museum is also an attractive places in Mui Ne, where Uncle Ho used to live and teach before he come to Sai Gon to find the way to save the country. 

Van Thuy Tu Dinh is the place that stores many ordained of the Nguyen Kings, especially, there are bronze bell in the Dinh. This place worships the Ong Voi fish of the local people in Phan Thiet, which helps the villagers avoid the danger. This Dinh also store many large and small whale skeletons. 

Ong Hoang Flat is the place that attachs to the Han Mac Tu Poet, where his great poems comes from.


8. Phu Quy Island, Binh Thuan 

The Phu Quy Island is away from Phan Thiet city about 100km, which includes the beautiful vegetation and abundant corals. Especially, there are many famous beaches such as: Doi Dua Beach, Ganh Hang beach, Mo Thay beach, Trieu Duong bay beach. Tourists can also visit some small island around: Tranh Island, Den Island, Trung Island,… 


9. Eating when traveling to Mui Ne

Mui Ne is famous for the cheap and delicious seafood. The Phuong Vy Restaurant is a great place, tourists can enjoy the squid teeth on the Vo Thi Sau Street. Mui Ne has some specialities such as: once dried squid under the sun, dragon fruit, fish sauce, milk crumb cake, …

Roll cake is made of the shrimp sauce, greaves, quail eggs. Tourists can enjoy it at the Tran Hung Dao Crossroad or Thu Khoa Huan Street. 

Phan Thiet Bread Soup: tourists can come to the Xiu Bread soup shop at the address: 1 HA Kim Dong Street – in the middle of the Tran Quoc Toan bookstore and BiTi Store about 30m. The Ba Ly Cha Ca Bread Soup shop at the address: 566 Tran Hung Dao Street, Phan Thiet or the Bread Soup shop on the Hai Thuong Lan Ong street. 

Fish Salad is the great dish in Phan Thiet, tourists can enjoy this cuisine at the Ca Ty riverside area or the Viet Nam Home Shop (Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street – Mui Ne)

Besides, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet is also famous for the other cuisines such as: Quang Noodle Phan Thiet, Can Cake Phan Thiet, pancake, convex fish poured with grease, Quai Vac Cake, Giac Snail Salad, Ricepaper with grilled shrimp paste, grilled squid teeth, fish hot pot, Beo Cake, Com Tam, Sticky rice, Sandwich with Vietnamese meatball and fried egg.